Annie Nightingale’s 5th Decade on BBC Radio 1

Nick Grimshaw meets Radio 1's first-ever female DJ - the legendary Annie Nightingale, 50 years on from when she started at the station!

The Project


BBC Radio 1

Services used

audio production
Creative Idea Development
Remote recording





The Brief

To mark Annie Nightingale's 5th Decade on Radio 1, we were commissioned to make a one-off special co-host with Nick Grimshaw and Annie Nightingale to TX on a weeknight, 8-10pm.

The Solution

A fun, conversational 2-hour co-host, with Annie picking the music, and Grimmy asking the questions. Annie recapped iconic stories of her past including, taking David Bowie to the pub, missing Eric Calptone's wedding, meeting the queen, and gaining (and misplacing) her MBE.

Although Annie discussed her achievements and her past, there was also an emphasis on Annie's passion for new music and her consistent dedication to finding the next best thing. Annie and Grimmy (who are two good friends in real life) had a rapport like no other and together they jumped from year to year with a playlist, so diverse you really didn't know what was coming next.