Annie Nightingale’s ‘Hey Hi Hello’ Audiobook

We recorded Annie Nightingale's audiobook for her autobiography 'Hey Hi Hello'.

'Hey Hi Hello' details Annie's five, that's FIVE decades of pop culture.

The Project


Annie Nightingale

Services used

Recording on location
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The Brief

We have worked with Annie as producers of her BBC Radio 1 show for well over 10 years now, and we were approached by Orian books, to record the audiobook of Annie's latest memoir, Hey Hi Hello.

The Solution

As the book was to be released in September 2020, we were tasked to record Annie herself, reading a total of 374 pages of a hardback. What could have been an easy record, but now in the midst of lockdowns and the pandemic, we had to alter our methods to record Annie at home, turning her house into a studio, while trying to not compromise on the audio quality, and most importantly, keeping Annie and staff safe.